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Chairman's Speech

Dongli New Material always adheres to the enterprise spirit of "honesty, innovation, and excellence". We deeply believe that only with integrity can an enterprise exist for a long time , only with innovation can an enterprise develop continuously , and only in the process of continuous pursuit of excellence can an enterprise realize the value of a corporate and create a bright future.

In the business philosophy of Dongli New Material, the first emphasis is on the principle of "integrity". To win trust with sincerity, only sincerity can be exchanged for trust. On the basis of trust, enterprises can win long-term and stable profits. When dealing with customers, we must not only consider the issue from the other side's standpoint, but also consider it more thoughtfully and in the long term than the other side. Customer satisfaction is the highest standard by which we measure our work.

Innovation is for development. "Innovation is real" means that Dongli New Material advocates real innovation, and the company's development history is a process of continuous innovation. Dongli New Material is a learning and growth-oriented enterprise. What it pursues is continuous and healthy growth. In learning, we continue to innovate.

In the era of rapid development of science and technology, Dongli New Material must gradually transform into an innovative enterprise. We must adhere to management innovation, institutional innovation and technological innovation by absorbing the experience of innovative enterprises at home and abroad, and promote the development of enterprises through technological innovation. Innovation improves the efficiency of enterprises, and achieves international integration through institutional innovation.

Here I sincerely hope that the majority of technical partners, business partners and friends from all walks of life at home and abroad can continue to pay attention to and support the growth of Dongli New Material. I am convinced that with the joint efforts of everyone, Dongli New Material will surely become the leader in the field of fatty acid amide products.